Jasper Fire Protection District Awarded Grain Bin Rescue Tube

The Jasper Fire Protection District was awarded a grain bin rescue tube and specialized training on Wednesday, August 23 as part of a Grain Bin Safety Week contest sponsored by Specialty Risk Insurance.

In addition to the first responder awarding and training, Specialty Risk Insurance also coordinated with the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS) and Jasper Fire Protection District to hold a free Confined Space Grain Bin Entry seminar for farmers and other community members involved in grain-related industries.

The training included a one-hour classroom session and a hands-on demonstration where Chip Cortez, a producer at Specialty Risk Insurance volunteered to be harnessed, sunk into grain and rescued by first responders using the correct safety techniques.

“Our team was happy to be part of an effort to help first responders save lives and educate community farmers on grain bin safety,” said Kevin Charleston, owner of Specialty Risk Insurance. “It only takes 30 seconds for someone to become completely submerged in grain bins and other grain storage structures.”

Since its inception in 2014, the contest has attracted over 1,000 nominations and awarded tubes and training to 32 fire departments across 15 states.

“Winning the grain bin rescue tube and the training obviously has made our community more safe,” said J.R. Good, Jasper Fire Protection District Chief. “It will also improve the lives and safety of our firefighters as they will now be able to safely rescue a person trapped in a grain bin now that they have the proper equipment and training.”

Grain Bin Safety Week 2017 is made possible by Nationwide, Specialty Risk Insurance, CHS, West Side Salvage, ABIS, KC Supply Co., The Scoular Company, Authur J Gallagher & Co., NOHR Wortmann Engineering, National Farm Medicine Center and the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety.