Farms Change

Oct 4, 2016

Doug Collard

The modern farm is very business-like now. The family ran farm with the occasional part-time employee is not the standard anymore. The family may still be a critical part of the structure, but now three or four full-time employees who aren’t related help run the farm. Employees bring new challenges that family ran farms aren’t used to managing. What happens if one of the employees gets hurt? Throwing dirt on it and saying you’ll be fine works if it’s your brother, but that’s not how it works for your employees. They are legally owed proper medical attention and may even be provided a cash settlement. Hiring employees always leads to a time where you’re going to have to fire or discipline an employee. What if you do it the wrong way and they sue for wrongful termination? How protected are you and how protected is your farm from this type of legal action?