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Building Resilience To Cyber Risk



Cyber Security, also known as information security is highly important for business owners. Proper cyber security measures can help protect against unauthorized access to your business's information including client data. Our team provides the following tips for implementing cyber security in your business:


Step 1: Know Your Data, Systems, and Network

The first step towards cyber resilience is to “know thyself.” Know what (and where) data are being created, collected, and stored; maintain an accurate inventory of computer systems and software, and understand your...

Winter Safety Driving Tips- Read These Before You Hit the Road


It’s somehow already that time of year again. Fall has flown by and the winter holidays are quickly approaching. If your holiday plans include travel by vehicle, brush up on these helpful safety tips!


Winter Weather Readiness 

Prior to your trip, it’s a good idea to make sure that your car is in good condition. Basic things to check include the oil level, tire pressure, headlights, tail lights, turn signals, and brake lights. Before departing filling your gas tank completely, planning your route in advance, and...

The Benefits and Risks of Solar Panel Systems


When considering converting to a Photovoltaic system (PV) or solar power for your home or business there are plenty of advantages such as:

Reducing electricity bills Solar is a renewable energy source Low maintenance cost Low or zero noise High durability and reliability Simplicity of operation Potential rebates and tax incentives dependent on utility carrier and state

In fact, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA®) the nations solar capacity is expected to double over the next two years. It’s important to note that while there are benefits to converting to solar,...



"Incredibly friendly staff with lots of insurance options for customers."

- Ryan

"If you don’t have Specialty Risk as your insurance agent, you don’t have your family’s best interests at heart."

- Bill

"Great locally owned company. They have amazing customer service and make sure you are taken care of in the event you need to make a claim."

- Dustin

"Contacted Specialty Risk for insurance for my PI license. Others had no idea what I was talking about. Robin had coverage for me in just a few days and I was able to proceed. Very efficient, very professional."

- Ron

"I absolutely can't begin to explain how happy we are with Specialty Risk. When we were involved in an accident they stepped in and went to bat for us which I have never had an agent do, Cami was quite the bulldog and fought for us. Then again they stepped up with the recent loss of one of our horses which was insured through their Hartford policy. Cindy went above her normal office duties to help us with this. Chip has always been a great agent for us as well. Top notch service and they always look out for your best interest. I could go on all day about their great staff."

- Rebecca

"I am so glad I made the call to get a quote! Everyone I have talked to has been amazing! Cami has went above and beyond to make sure everything we need has been met! I have seen her in public and she has called me by my 1st name and cares! Thank you all for what you do for my family!"

- Tracy