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Farrow to Finish

Farrow-to-finish farms manage all stages of pig growth and development, from breeding through finishing, to market weight of about 285 pounds.

Show Pig Owners

Specialty Risk Insurance Agency understands that your prize-winning show hogs are a big investment. We want to help you protect the results of your hard work by helping protect your show pig from unexpected loss.

Nursery, Growers, Finishers

Farrow-to-nursery farms specialize in the breeding of sows and raising of 40 to 50 pound feeder pigs, which are then sold to farms that specialize in feeding pigs until they reach market weight. Farrow-to-wean farms oversee breeding herds and raise pigs until they are weaned at approximately 10 to 15 pounds, at which time they are sold to wean-to-finish farms. Wean-to-finish farms purchase weaned pigs from farrow-to-wean farms and grow them until they reach market weights. Finishing farms buy 40 to 50-pound feeder pigs from farrow-to-nursery farms and raise them until they reach market weight.


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