Who We Insure

Aquaculture/ Fish Farmers

Aquaculture provides more than 50% of the fish we eat annually and requires a custom approach to insurance. We can help insure your onshore fish operations, which typically utilize above ground tanks, in-ground ponds, or recirculation units to raise fish and shrimp. Offshore fish farms are growing part of the aquaculture industry raising fish in an open ocean setting using submerged pens and floating cages. Shellfish farms, nurseries, and hatcheries have been around much longer and are a thriving part of the industry. Typical species include: Shrimp (Shell Fish), Salmon, Sturgeon (Caviar), Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Tuna, Tilapia, Oysters, Muscles, and, Abalon.

Bee Keeping

Bee Keepers maintain honey bee colonies for a variety of reasons: They can yield a variety of products: honey, beeswax, propolis, pollen, and royal jelly, to pollinate crops, or to produce bees for sale to other beekeepers. Specialty Risk Insurance Agency can help with your bee keeping insurance needs. Aside from traditional insurance coverages, we can help insure your products, provide protection from a drought, and insure your hives and related equipment.


Nurseries and greenhouses are an important and unique segment of agriculture. Specialty Risk Insurance Agency can help you insure your wholesale nursery, retail garden center, wholesale growing operation or your retail florist.


Insuring a Mushroom farming operation is a lot like insuring any other farm with a few key differences. Specialty Risk Insurance Agency is experienced with insuring mushroom farming operations and understands those differences.

We write custom insurance policies, which allow you to ride with confidence. Protect your horses, barns, trailers, and tack investments with a custom policy by a Specialty Risk Insurance Agency producer. Insuring your purchase before you leave the sale is the second most important move after selecting the next addition for your equine program. Headquartered in Carthage, Missouri, our sales team knows what’s important to your policy because they live and breathe the equine industry, too. As a horse owner, equine liability covers your home and your horse operation, on and off premises, including boarding, breeding, racing, training, horse shows, and riding instruction. We not only write policies for horse owners, but also for veterinarians, trainers, and barn owners. Our custom policies can include transportation, mortality, life insurance, workers compensation, and group and individual health insurance.

Coverage Types


Workers Compensation

General Liability

Home and Auto Insurance

Life Insurance

Group and Individual Health Insurance