Who We Insure

Poultry Farmers

Specialty Risk Insurance Agency has decades of experience in insuring poultry farmers and can help you manage the risks unique to your industry. We can help you protect your growing facilities, your livestock, and your income. We can show you how to protect yourself against animal cruelty claims and liability from pollution. You can even get equipment breakdown coverage for your ventilation equipment and other poultry house equipment.

Egg Production and Processing

Whether your egg production facility is highly automated and involves huge flocks or a smaller part of a large operation, Specialty Risk Insurance Agency understands the risks you face and can build you a custom insurance plan you can afford.

Service Providers

If you make your living helping out the poultry world, we can help you too. We have custom insurance programs available for pest control, crust out, manure brokers, litter treatment applicators, mortality removal, house cleaning via blow out and power washing, equipment dealers, maintenance providers, repair contractors, and excavation work.

Property, Including Collapse

Property insurance coverage can be included in your farm policy to protect your confinement buildings from damage. These buildings must be listed on your policy to be covered. Specialty Risk Insurance Agency specializes in the poultry industry and can provide specialized property coverages. These can include: Equipment used in the service of the building – such as water pumps, motors and outdoor equipment. Furniture, fixtures, machinery and equipment used for the operation of the building located in, on or within 100 feet of the building. Coverage for collapsed confinement building, when available.

We write custom insurance policies, which allow you to ride with confidence. Protect your horses, barns, trailers, and tack investments with a custom policy by a Specialty Risk Insurance Agency producer. Insuring your purchase before you leave the sale is the second most important move after selecting the next addition for your equine program. Headquartered in Carthage, Missouri, our sales team knows what’s important to your policy because they live and breathe the equine industry, too. As a horse owner, equine liability covers your home and your horse operation, on and off premises, including boarding, breeding, racing, training, horse shows, and riding instruction. We not only write policies for horse owners, but also for veterinarians, trainers, and barn owners. Our custom policies can include transportation, mortality, life insurance, workers compensation, and group and individual health insurance.




Coverage Types





Free Range

Cage Free

Workers Compensation

General Liability

Commercial Auto

Crate Free

Equipment Leased / Rented From Others

Home and Auto Insurance

Group and Individual Health Insurance

Life Insurance