Who We Insure

Feedlot Owners

Feedlots are the final stage of production prior to slaughter with a focus on efficient growth and weight gain of the animals. This is achieved by providing a readily digestible, high-energy diet; reducing the amount of energy expended to find food, directing more toward growth, and managing the cattle to minimize stress and health problems.

Backgrounding Yards

Once calves on grass pasture are weaned off of their mothers, they are sorted into groups (Large, small, bulls, heifers) and sold to the next producer. The calves spend their 60 to 90 days at a backgrounding facility where a custom ration of grass and grain is used to get them ready for finishing at a feedlot.

Dairy Farms

Unique liability risks are a part of working with animals and dairy farmers are no different. Protecting yourself from lawsuits, accidents, and property loss are normal issues for all farmers. However, dairy farmers have a liability risk inherent to the milk products they sell and at Specialty Risk Insurance Agency we know how to help you get the right protection at the right price.

Livestock Auctions

Auction Barns are an efficient way to buy and sell livestock at any time during the various states of production. Typically, auctions are held weekly or more often and provide access to livestock from many different sources.

Cow Calf Operations

The beginning stage of production where bulls are introduced into a cow herd to mate with the cows. This stage is complete shortly after the calves are weaned from their mothers.

Hobby Farms / Gentleman's Farms

Hobby farms have some insurance options available to them that the traditional commercial farm doesn't. If your farm is roughly 10 to 40 acres and isn't the primary source of your income, we can show you other options to secure the property and liability coverages you need.

Show Cattle Owners

Show cattle can be an important and valuable part of living on a farm. Specialty Risk Insurance Agency can help you insure your prize winning steer or your pair of show heifers.


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