Spring Crop Insurances Changes 2021

Federal Crop Insurance Changes to Know Before the Sign-Up Deadline

The deadline to sign up or make changes to a 2021 Federal Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) policy is MARCH 15th.

We are always looking out for our customers so we would like to update you on some additions and changes. As far as new additions and changes to coverage options for 2021 we always advise you to talk to your agent to see what might benefit your operation but here are some updates.


2021 Multi-Peril Crop Insurance Changes

Quality Loss Option (QL)

Quality Loss Option allows an insured to replace actual yields based upon post-quality production in their historical production databases with actual yields based on pre-quality total production.

This only applies when an MPCI policy was in place and a claim was filed in a timely manor with the insurance provider. QL can be applied regardless if that claim was a paid loss or not, depending on when the crop’s production was quality adjusted.

QL can be added to a policy but no premium is charged unless the QL replacement is used. The QL Option must be added to a current Revenue Protection, Yield Protection, APH, or Revenue with Harvest Price Exclusion policy by sales closing.

Crops Quality Loss Option is available on in include:

  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Wheat
  • And several others

Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO)

Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) provides area-based coverage similar to Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO). It uses the expected and final area yields, projected prices, harvest prices, and payment factors such as SCO. It is also based on your current underlying coverage on your MPCI policy. ECO provides shallow loss coverage for a portion of the expected crop value above the SCO coverage.ECO Details:

  • Area-based policy
  • Coverage levels available – 90% or 95%, down to 86% of underlying policy coverages
  • Can be used with a SCO policy
  • Can be used by itself on an underlying MPCI policy
  • ARC/PLC participation does not have impact on eligibility
  • Yields are based on RMA data, not individual producer’s actual yields
  • Losses on ECO paid in the summer following the crop year, not when the crop is harvested
  • Losses for ECO trigger separately from individual underlying policies

Contact Brian Youngblood (417) 825-1203 or Nathan Enyart (417) 438-4059 for more details, questions, or if you would like us to come out to your farm to go over your current policy.


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