National Farm Safety and Health Week [2018]

National Farm Safety and Health Week 2018 takes place September 16-22 and this year's theme "Cultivating the Seeds of Safety".
Agriculture is recognized as one of the most hazardous industries in America and around the world. In the United States, over two million full-time workers were employed in the production of crops, livestock, and poultry in 2017.


According to CDC- National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in 2016, 417 farmers and farm workers died from a work-related injury. Young workers and youth living on farms are also subject more frequently to injuries and fatal injuries. NIOSH reports that every day approximately 100 agricultural workers will suffer an injury resulting in lost work time. The goal of National Farm Safety and Health Week is to educate agricultural workers about proper safety procedures to help decrease injuries and accidents on the farm.


This summer our team at Specialty Risk Insurance sponsored Nationwide's Grain Bin Safety Contest which awarded two rural fire departments Golden City Fire Department and Carthage Fire Department each a grain bin rescue tube and training. To learn more about the grain bin awarding, click HERE. In addition to our agency's participation in helping keep our agricultural communities safer, our team also hosted a free OSHA three-hour grain bin safety and prevention of grain bin dust explosion training for farmers and agricultural workers. The video below addresses what a confined space is defined as and also provides safety tips. 

Confined Space Training [2018]

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