Livestock Insurance Exchange: A New Branch of Specialty Risk Insurance Agency

Our team is excited to announce a new branch of Specialty Risk Insurance Agency, Livestock Insurance Exchange! Through Livestock Insurance Exchange, we’re partnering with agents to bring our expertise to their clients with livestock insurance and animal mortality policies. Our team specializes in livestock, equine, and animal mortality insurance for livestock owners and businesses.


Livestock Insurance Exchange was founded by Kevin Charleston, owner and founder of Specialty Risk Insurance agency and his family bull business K&T Cattle Co. Charleston has 22 years of experience in the insurance industry.


Many of our agents are also farmers or ranchers and our team understands that animal ownership involves many factors that are outside of a client’s control. Extreme weather, accidents, and theft can damage or destroy their investments overnight. Livestock insurance and animal mortality policies are essential to those who depend on these animals for their livelihood. We strive to understand the risks and challenges of this industry, and we can help protect clients from unexpected loss.


As we work with agents who serve clients in the livestock industry, we bring the necessary resources, time, and energy to their clients’ concerns. When agents work with Livestock Insurance Exchange, they have access to a variety of insurance carriers. Most agencies work with one carrier, which limits the coverage and options they can provide. Since we’re connected to multiple carriers, we can build a customized policy for clients, one that fits the specific needs of their livestock operation, and we can find the best value on the market.


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