Grain Bin Safety Nominations

Specialty Risk Insurance, in partnership with Nationwide, is proud to once again sponsor Grain Bin Safety Week and the 2023 Nominate your Fire Department Contest. Grain Bin Safety week is held annually the third week of February. This year, it is February 19-25, 2023. The week brings awareness to the danger in working around grain and education around safety. In conjunction with Grain Bin Safety week is the Nominate Your Fire Department Contest. The contest runs from January 1 until April 30, 2023.


What is the Nominate Your Fire Department Contest?
The Nominate Your Fire Department Contest is open until April 30. The winner of this contest will be awarded one (1) Grain Bin Rescue Tube (valued between $3,000 - $5,000) and one (1) six-hour entrapment rescue training session, at the winner’s location) valued at up to $5,000.


How do I enter?
There are three ways to nominate your local fire department.

  1. Enter online at this link:
  2. Enter via email to:
  3. Mail: NECAS, Grain Bin Safety Ag Contest, 8342 NICC Dr., Peosta, IA 52068


Where can I find a rescue tube when I need it?
Specialty Risk Insurance and Nationwide Agribusiness aim to have a rescue tube within a 20 minute drive of any operation in the four state area through annual nominations, donations, and training. There are currently 10 tubes awarded in the four-state area.

  1. St. Paul, KS
  2. Uniontown, KS
  3. Oswego, KS
  4. Nevada, MO
  5. Liberal, MO
  6. Milo, MO
  7. Alba, MO
  8. Carthage, MO
  9. Golden City, MO
  10. Fair Grove, MO


For more information:
Learn more about Grain Bin Safety and access resources with Nationwide at this site:

Learn more about NECAS' efforts at this site:


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